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Having grown up in the Snowy Mountains (in New South Wales (NSW), Australia), I have a deep love for the nature especially mountains, gum trees, rivers, lakes and farming lands. 

Some of the photographs in this section are taken at Grenfell, New South Wales (NSW) where my good friend from high school is a farmer with her husband.  Again, my interest here is about the life of a farmer encompassing the environment of the surrounding area. 

December is the most industrious time in a farmer’s calendar, so it was the perfect opportunity to capture the true nature of a working farm. During my stay at the Grenfell farm, 4,000 sheep were to be shorn and 1,200 acres of wheat and canola crop were to be stripped. At this time of year, farmers rise early and return late. Not only are these long days but also physically exhausting, and it has even been commented that “child birth cannot be harder than shearing!” Although we did not completely agree on this comment it was decided that child birth at least is over in a relatively short time!

At the end of a busy day we settled down under the Milky Way in a comfortable and peaceful silence like nothing I have experienced before. I admired the home my friend and her husband had built together over two years with 10, 000 of their own hand molded mud bricks. I admired its uniqueness and beauty. It amazed me how two girls from Tumut High School, NSW, ended up living such different lives and how lucky we are now to share them with each other.

Locations :-

Grenfell, NSW

Snowy Mountains, NSW



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