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The word “Outback” refers to the vast open space that occupies most of the central part of Australia.  I am not sure where outback officially starts but we generally know if we are in the Outback.  The red sandy roads, scattered dried up dead trees, salt pan lakes, huge windmills, beautiful sunsets and millions of stars forming the Milky Way at night are all the scenes that indicate the Outback for me.  Most of my outback photos were taken around Windorah in the Channel country of Queensland.


Having taking photographs for more than 3 years in Windorah and cattle stations around there, I got to know the local people and became very fond of these people and the land. So what does Outback mean to these local people.  In this remote town with population of 68+, it is the spirit of community and the development of their town which are the vital part of keeping stable population to sustain as a vibrant small outback post. The word pioneering takes a whole lot of different meaning in modern days terms.


My interest in this outback town is not just the landscape or the tourist attractions but the ordinary people and the way of life which make up the land, the outback land, as well as the land itself that they cherish so much.


Locations :-

Windorah, QLD

Tanbar Cattle Station – 2.5 million acres

Keeroongooloo Cattle Station – 1.47 million acres


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